Is there any more used, and abused, area of your home than the garage? With our custom designed garage floors, you can turn a drab piece of concrete into a work of art.

Your garage is where you house everything from landscape equipment, like oil-leaking lawnmowers and caustic weed-killers-to rusty machinery and all those items considered too messy to be housed inside your home.  Your family garage may serve as a roller-rink, or skateboard venue in inclement weather.


Resurfacing the top coal of your garage has many benefits including:

Eliminating unsightly and dangerous cracks

Smoothing uneven textures in the floor

Creating a unified surface for you to conduct your business

Providing you with a floor that is easy to clean


Whether you are a homeowner looking to enhance your garage flooring, or a commercial business looking to resurface your flooring using commercial grade and high quality flooring solutions, contact DEM Painting. We provide exceptional quality garage flooring solutions.